21 October 2009

Venturer: Thoughts

Science Fantasy, Post Cataclysmic, Pulp Planetary Romance, in the Far Future!!

What the hell does that mean? Let me tell you dear reader (yes you, I see you over there).

Science Fantasy: This one's easy, two great tastes, together at last. The fallen Imperium of Man once ruled 30+ stars alone and serene in the vastness of space (science). As the Empire slowly ossified and sunk into degenerate hedonism, cults began to spring up that worshiped the ancient things beyond space and time (fantasy). Taking advantage, the wild men at the fringes of the Imperium; barbarians, pirates, raiders, fanatics, and outlaws began to run wild in an orgy of rape, pilliage, and destruction (science). One cult rises up to convert the wild men and lead them across the breadth of the Imperium smashing and burning worlds to feed their dark gods, culminating in the Sack of Terra (fantasy). With the Western Imperator dead (strangled in bed), Terra fallen, and the wild men settling down to enjoy the fruits of their conquests, Terra Nova in the East is the last bastion of Imperial technical civilization (science). Just when the traumatized human sphere thinks the worst is over, the stars come right again and the ancient things from beyond space and time, the vile Xothians rise up out of the depths of the wells of chaos and emerge from the ebony spherical event horizons that have opened up all across the worlds of men (fantasy).

Post Cataclysm: Well I think this speaks for itself, post apocalyptic just doesn't mean what people think it means, and has the wrong connotation to boot. Despite the fact that 'apocalypse' just means 'change' to most readers the connotation is one of finality. A cataclysm on the other hand, is in fact a major catastrophe, but it is not the end. One story ends and another begins. Most of the invading wild men were just looking for habitable worlds to settle on, and they intermarry with the surviving Imperials to found a new culture. One that looks back to the very Imperium that the invaders help to bring down as a lost golden age. In fact the new Western kingdoms that spring up adopt the Church of the Spirit of Man of the Earth, like their ex-imperial neighbors and in contrast to the popularity of the Spirit of Man of the Stars in the areas dominated by Terra Nova to the East.

Pulp Planetary Romance: Well, each habitable planet will have a unifying theme that will guide me in creating the textures of background and setting. For example, Venturer Mars will be based on Dark Ages Britain, while North America takes on traits of Gaul, Italy, and Spain, with Eurasia representing North Africa and Germania. The Asteroid belt and the moons of Saturn will be home to space vikings and so on. The characters will be larger than life, heroic or vile. This is not a setting for second guessing or navel gazing, but direct action!