04 August 2015

Star Crusade - Human Sphere - Intro

Mankind in the last years of the 40th century occupies what is called the HUMAN SPHERE.  This rough, more or less, sphere is further divided into two lobes or hemispheres.  The Westerly or Trailing-wise lobe centered on the Earth Human homeworld of Earth is commonly called the Sword Worlds, or the Solomani Sphere, or sometimes the Inner Sphere.  The Easterly or Spinward lobe centered on the Villein Human homeworld of V'land, or as its more commonly known today, New Earth, is commonly called the Padishah Hegemony or the Outer Sphere.

The two lobes of the Human Sphere are more or less united in theory into a single Imperium Solaris Sacrum, or Holy Star Empire, but in practice the First Lord of the Terran Star League rules as Westerly Emperor of the Inner Sphere Sword Worlds, and the Padishah Hegemon of the Villein Star Hegemony rules as the Easterly Emperor of the Outer Sphere Novo Terran Star Hegemony.

Both the Star League and the Star Hegemony are successor states to the Old Hegemony which once ruled all the worlds of man for five long, life-span extended generations, before the civil wars and disasters of the Occultation of the Stars broke the Old Hegemony in the long emergency of the Interregnum.

The other major race of Man, the Villein, where once themselves ruled by the fungoid serpent-parasites called the Shan of Shaggai, who burrowed into the brain-stems of their subjects and posed as Gods who ruled their cattle-subjects absolutely and nourished themselves from the faith-food and blood-food of their subject-worshipers.  This state of affairs lasted until the young men of the Ancient Earth Alliance, together with their green blooded Rhomulani allies, cast out the Shan, and ground their heads beneath the soles of their jack-boots.  Officially the Shan are extinct, but rumors abound of prideful men willing to strike terrible bargains for unholy powers and long life.


Star Crusade - Intro

Far in the Future, in a Dying Galaxy lit only by Burning World-Pyres and the twilight of Fading Suns...


Turmoil has engulfed the Galaxy.  It is 3999, and the Great Houses of the Trailing-wise Human Sphere, the SWORD WORLDS, are once again sliding into conflict, within and without.  The Great Noble Houses see a Throne of Terra occupied by a BOY KING, and each of the Noble Patriarchs sees himself wearing the Purple and the Diadem as the spectre of Succession War rears its ugly head.  Armies of fallen Numan Vandals, corrupted and mutated former soldier-clones of the Spinward Padishah Hegemony, raid, violate, pillage, and burn almost at will in the worlds of Man and the Padishah Hegemon has formally requested  assistance from the First Lord of the Sword Worlder Star League.  

Meanwhile the multi-racial Galactic Civilization centered on the ancient Citadel-Station of the Valar finds itself over-matched by a vile NECRO-COVENANT of Shadows, a black-mass army of cyber-wyrms and daemons striking from the darkness of the Galactic Rim.  Nearly overcome and facing an endless tide of death, madness, slavery, and terror, the Citadel Council breaks millennia of isolation and formally requests assistance from the wild and untamed 'Humon' ape-things from a mud-ball called ‘Dirt’.

Pursued by the Covenant's sinister agents, the desperate PRINCESS LIZRAEL of the Ael-Shi, daughter of the High Aeldar Aeldarin, races towards the barbarian world of Earth aboard her private Aether-ship, custodian of her father's Treaty of Alliance with the Earthers and a dowry of gifts to secure her own wedding to the Boy King, an arranged marriage that can save her people and restore Light and Hope to the free peoples of the Galaxy.

Meanwhile on Holy Terra, the pious High Pontifex Maximus suffers from strange premonitions and dream-visions of impending doom and grasping blood drenched shadows from the stars..

Void Stalker Class Battleship by garr0t