06 October 2009

Venturer: Careers

Ok let's talk careers. The initial setting will be somewhat zoomed in on the Central States of Coventry (CSC) and the Yankish people, but most of its assumptions will be true for not just the ruins of Mundopolis Terra, but the solar system as well.

Instead of enlisting in imperial services or entering galactic careers, characters in Venturer will be testing to apprentice themselves into various guilds. If accepted they will gain some initial training and an opportunity to continue. Each 4 year indenture will give a character a chance to gain skills and to advance within the profession, or to crash and burn out miserably. The Nomad career will always be open, and some service will take levees, but you may only be levied once. Upon leving the service of their master, succesful characters will have the opertunity to gain starting funds (his master investing in his student) or trappings of his profession (starting gear).

I'm still mapping out some of the sub-careers (professions) but here's what I have so far:

Armsmen: Armsmen make their living with the strength of their arms, they are natural Venturers.
  • Land Warrior: The most fundamental Armsman, the Land Warrior is skilled in hand weapons and military armor
  • Dragoon: The Dragoon is a vehicle based soldier he is a driver, loader, gunner, commander, mechanic, or other crewman. Also capable of fighting on foot in a pinch.
  • Immunes: The Immunes are skilled warriors who support their comrades in the fight and off the battlefield. Medics, technicians, artilleritsts, they are immune from most camp chores because of their rare skills.
Augmentees: These armored and enhanced warriors seek the toughest challenges, with great risks come great rewards.
  • Power Troopers: Those who seek to master the almost lost art of battledress and power-suited combat. These powerful and valuable suits attract hostile attention on and off the battlefield.
  • Excelsiors: These few crazed individuals seek to eek out impossible performance from their bodies with combat drugs, aftermarket parts, and metabolic tuning.
  • Cyborgs: Where does the man end and the machine begin?
Divines: These holy men and women seek to bring the light and law of the spirit and gods of true men to the downtrodden masses in these dark times. Sometimes evil must be confronted directly
  • Cleric: These ordained priests are forbidden from rending flesh or spilling blood. The good book is a mite fuzzier on the subject of neural maces or knee caps. Also respected healers of flesh and spirit.
  • Monastic: Battle Monks and Warrior Nuns, these lay ascetics have left the walls of the monestary or convent to bring the word to those who will hear and sword to those who will not.
  • Paladin: Former Armsmen and Noble warriors who have heard the call and enlisted as a Knight Brother in an order-militant.
Freemen: Not many of the lucky few skilled freemen will leave their walled enclaves, vaults, and cantonments for Ventures in the Wyld.
  • Bards: Singers, story tellers, poets, troubadours, these wandering performers are one of the few sources of entertainment on the road, or off it.
  • Tinker: Skilled crafters; a brave maker of fine things can make good money on the road
  • Technician: Those skilled in the decaying technology of the ancients, the ruins still hold untold riches for recovery, if one is bold enough.

Mystics: Mystics use the power of their wills and their knowledge of hyperdimensional metaphysics to shape reality more to their suiting. Most honest people avoid mystics like the plague they are.
  • Wizard: The Wizard, or Arcane Caster focuses on the formulaic side of magyckal theory; by holding strange alien and barbarous formulae of power in their minds they can rewrite the code of reality.
  • Sorcerer: These magyckal casters focus on the wyld act of will to tap into sources of power beyond mortal ken.
  • TechnoMage: These scientist-wizards seek to unify human reason with alien blasphemies. The search to unify law and chaos continues.
Noble: These grandees have great resources and credit available to them, but also attract attention to themselves without trying.
  • Knight: A noble warrior, noble in station if not motive
  • Lord: A holder of a title of some import or wealth
  • Dilettante: An idly rich noble with many interests.
Nomad: Societies outcasts, this option always remains open to those who would walk alone.
  • Barbarian: A rough hewn wanderer of mighty thews.
  • Road Warrior: A wheeled drifter on the crumbling byways
  • Vagabond: A little of this and a little of that in the big rock candy mountains.

Next time: Psions, Rogues, Scouts, and Sky Raiders