07 October 2009

Venturer: Careers II

more paths to 'Venture:

Psion: These mentalists use their talents to peer into other's thoughts, or to form darts of their will
  • Wyld Psyker: Cast out into the wilderness for his wytchery, the Wyld Psyker has little training but raw power and a connection to the natural world
  • Mentalist: Trained by an order or guild of mind-masters, the Mentalist has a breadth of skill and fine control of his abilities.
  • Psyber Knight: A psionic warrior-mystic, the Psyber Knights are respected and feared.

Rogue: Members of Societies seedy underbelly, the Rogue has many abilities that may be useful to a Venturing party.
  • Thief: Any thug can kill people and take their stuff, it takes skill to just take without the killing.
  • Assassin: Stand up fights are so declasse; the only fair fight is the one you loose.
  • Intruder: Information is the real prize; knowledge is power and you can't stop the signal. No information system is safe from electronic intrusion.

Scout: Scouts specialize in seeing and not being seen, they are the eyes and ears of any group travelling the wastes and ruins.
  • Ranger: Mountain man, monster hunter, bandit slayer, forester, wilderness guide.
  • Outrider: Mounted scout whether the mount is living or machine.
  • Scavenger: The 'Scav' specializes in recovering artifacts of the ancients from the ruins and selling them. Some ability to jury rig and repair, all serious Venture groups should have one.

Sky People: The lords of blue and black, orbital angels, the Sky People are the lifeline of a fallen world to the wider system. Smugglers, raiders, smugglers and even honest merchants. The Vikings of space, they are loved and loathed.
  • Pilot: The dashing flyboy, aerial acrobat, the Pilot's Guild is ancient and venerable.
  • Able Hand: The Able Hand forms the body of any Sky Ship crew.
  • Specialist: No proper ship could get by without its Mission Specialists; from Sawbones to Scotsmen to Stewards, these are the department heads that Captains rely on.

Ok, that's what I've mapped out so far. What am I missing? Agents? Not a whole lot of ideas there. I know I want a drone specialist sub career, but I don't know where to put it. Maybe an Adepts branch with more educated classes? I need somewhere for fixers/bag men...