22 September 2009

Sunday AAR

This past Sunday only two other (aside from yours truly) made the game. Present at the table were myself, Ulot, and Mr. Puente. Not having a quorum to continue the Traveller Campaign, we decided to play boardgames.

Lesson Learned. Always have a backup game; usually a boardgame-like game that can be played with small numbers and not much lead time. Of course, my roommate and I have boardgames so...

Ulot had just recently acquired the Battlestar Galactica board game so we broke out the box and started setting up. We only had three players so the game wasn't as good as we all quickely realized it could be, but it was pretty damn good nontheless. After the second game (which I won as the cylon president; starve you puny humans, starve! muahahaha!!) we tried a third game in which we each controlled two characters, alternating playing one and then the other, which worked surprisingly well. In the end though, having to divide our suspcicions between multiple characters made detecting cylons very difficult. All in all great game.

After we pigged out on the rich gamyness of the BGBG, we followed up with desert; a generous helping of light, whipped Zombies! I've heard there are some that don't like this game, no accounting for taste. Abyway, despite not getting in any Traveller, sunday went rather well.