08 September 2009

Questions for the GM, answered.

Can a ship be towed at warp?

Qualified yes; given a tow line made out of unobtainium or a tractor beam array with lots of extra power (like say cap ship reactors) and skillful operation.

What are the major criminal elements in this sub sector?

Like the rest of the Orion AP sector (4x4 sub-sectors, you are in 4-3) major criminal enterprises are divided between human, mixed, and alien groups. Since it is a frontier sector on the edge of the Solomani Imperium, and a sector of 'rift' space (less dense with star systems) crime is indeed endemic. The big three are;

La Ventura: A Solomani family-run operation, since 2135; drugs, gambling, prostitution.
The White Hands: Johnny come-lately, this group is composed of outlaw spacers (1%ers) of any species; smuggling, weapons, extortion, piracy.
The Rending Maw: This Kra'ken run group has the least territory but a nasty reputation; slaves, assassination, terrorism, death sports, violence.

What are the conditions for indentred servents or slaves?

Slavery is technically illegal in the Solomani Imperium. Since the Imperium can't be every at once and in fact Imperial Sovereignty rests lightly on many areas (many systems, subsectors, and larger polities have internal autonomy) slavery happens and indentured servitude is a fact of life every where. Especially on the Rim (of the Human Sphere, the frontier in other words) where labor is scarce. The conditions for slaves and indents can vary greatly; from spice mine dregs to the body servants of the rich and famous.

How common is piracy?

Frightfully common, there's only so much Navy and a whole lot of black. Given that ships must come out of warp 100 diameters from stellar objects (due to gravity well affects, warp only works in 'flat space'), the existence of charted space lanes, and the proliferation of gravity well generating interdictor ships, there are many opportunities for pirates to prey on commercial shipping.

Is there some kind is cloaking or stealth system?

Stealth yes; there are various techniques to reduce a ship's signature. All known human techniques are imperfect, they rely on masking a ship from active or passive sensors, but the nature of space ships and space means that they are difficult to conceal. The only reason they are effective is the shear size of space. Certain aliens are rumored to have 'cloaking fields' that hide a ship AND it's emissions from detection, and some are even rumored to to be able to slip into a pocket of sub-space to escape detection. Penetrating these secrets constitutes one of the Imperial Naval Intelligence service's 'holy grails'.

Are thier life insurace companies?

Yes. Premium life insurance is known as 'clone insurance'.

Are their unexplored, but charted areas of this sub sector?

Both the Hel and Mordor systems remain largely unexplored. As does the empty space between the major systems of the Sub-sector.

What is the scanning range of the average ship?

Simple detection at 50,000 km+. Limited details at 25,000 km, full scan at 10 km. Modified, of course, by the size and bearing of the target.

if a ship had no power but life support how close would the average ship need to be to dected it?

1250 km unless you figure out something to do with the heat you're giving off. More if they have a reason to be looking for you. Out to 50,000 km if they're really looking.

What about the scanning range of a ship with no main systems on?

By mk 1 eyeball alone? 1250 klicks give or take. Detecting someone with no major systems on is the same answer as the previous.