08 September 2009

First Traveller Game; Report

The group met Sunday and we started by generating characters. I left my notes at home but in general we ended up with a merchant cum investigator cum scout, an ex cop, an ex pirate, a grizzled veteran mercenary (military adviser), a prior service navy ship's engineer's mate, and a former marine. The crew formed connections (and used the bonus skills to fill in gaps, not to raise skill levels), chose a package (starship operations I think), and voted on a captain (the multi-talented merchant marine).

Play began with the crew and their ship (at this point a plot device, I'm still fleshing out their ride) under arrest and impounded. Unbeknownst to them their used ship has a record of drug smuggling. A search turned up nothing and they were about to be released when the local Imperial Consul intervened. She had a problem and needed it dealt with, quietly and outside channels.

Her daughter had been recruited by a local cult which was under Imperial Interdiction (prohibited from prostelising beyond the local sector) which is plenty embarrassing for a diplomat. Also Dame Kusaragi is genuinely concerned for her daughter, and has suspicions about the cult (part of the reason she approaches outsiders is that she strongly suspects local authorities have been at least bribed to look the other way, if not worse).

The party begins an investigation that leads to an attempt to infiltrate the cult. Things go predictably awry when the (compromised) local police become aware of the Party's investigation. The captain and the ex-cop (pretend married couple converts) are kidnapped. the party manage to track them down by triangulating the signals from their ear-bud comms (quick thinking and good skill rolls, we got to try out the combined task and taking longer rules).

The Party then mounts a rescue attempt during which Murphy rears his head and things go predictably south. After some keystonish moments the party pulls it together and manages to rescue their comrads, extract the Dame's daughter, and collect valuable intelligence for the Imperium.

Good fun, big guns, explosions, and a crashed ship's launch.