01 August 2009


I've been playing Mount & Blade for a week now and I'm still as excited as when I won my first battle. Its an addictive experience (like any good game) that will leave you saying, 'just a little longer' at 4:00 in the morning. What we have here is a loose simulation of medieval warfare from the ground up. You start as a free-lance knight bachelor in the fictional dark age country of Calradia, which is divided into petty princedoms and constantly at war. This is sandbox open-play at some of its finest; who needs a meta-plot when the world is your oyster? The game is an engaging mix of stat driven and twitch driven first or third person combat (I prefer third, sword fighting seems easier when I can judge distances better) using WASD keys and the mouse (which can control your direction of power of swing).

The combat swings between wild, frentic mass melees, wild horse chases, grinding siege battles, and more personal and nuanced tournament and arena battles, and even assinations. Play takes place in a living world constantly in flux as lords war with each other, smashing armies, taking castles, and intrigue. Become a vassal, go rogue, fight for coin, fight for honor, I'm only scratching the surface here. Your character improves both stats and skills though an experience point and level system, and he can find and recruit 'companions' that are basicaly NPC minions that also gain levels, filling holes in your skill development, and providing banter for those slow moments.

Rating: 4 out of 5 trilling noises. Doc_Savage approved.

Download the demo, do it now!!