26 June 2009

War Hawk Quiz from Reason

I'm really getting sick of pacifist libertarians and their self-haloed cowardice, but I'll take a quiz from the state-haters over at Reason just for shits and giggles.

1) Should the National Security Agency or CIA have the ability to monitor domestic phone calls or e-mails without obtaining judicial approval?

Yes, if the phone call is being placed to a number outside of US territory.

2) Should the government have the ability to hold an American citizen without charge, indefinitely, without access to a lawyer, if he is believed to be part of a terrorist cell?

Yes. We've done it before at war and the world didn't end. Given my druthers I'd round up every last Muhammadan and put them in camps just like the Japanese during WWII.

3) Can you imagine a situation in which the government would be justified in waterboarding an American citizen?

Yes. Assuming that citizen is guilty either of giving aide and comfort to the enemy or of making private war on the US (terrorism).

4) Are there American journalists who should be investigated for possible treason? Should Sedition laws be re-introduced?

Yes and Yes.

5) Should the CIA be able to legally assassinate people in countries with which the U.S. is not at war?

Seriously? This a question? Fuck yeah!

6) Should anti-terrorism cops be given every single law-enforcement tool available in non-terrorist cases?

No, 'anti-terrorism' should under the heading of counter-intelligence. FBI gets cases involving resident citizens, CIA gets foreign nationals. Law enforcement takes back seat to preventing private war (terrorism).

7) Should law enforcement be able to seize the property of a suspected (though not charged) American terrorist, and then sell it?

Citizen, no. Non-citizen sure why not?

8) Should the U.S. military be tasked with enforcing domestic crime?

No, but they should be guarding our borders and vital infrastructure with deadly force authorized.

9) Should there be a national I.D. card, and should it be made available to law enforcement on demand?

Yes. Imagine how much easier this makes dealing with illegal immigration, for example. Citizenship IDs similar to current chipped military IDs would be a good start.

10) Should a higher percentage of national security-related activities and documents be made classified, and kept from the eyes of the Congress, the courts, and the public?

Yea verily yea. I mean seriously, how does on run a war without secrecy?