07 June 2009

Let's talk Characters (Shadow Gates)

Ok I'm thinking of tweaking BRP as written in the handy-dandy, oh so shiny new BRP book. I'm going to be adding a handful of WHFRP/Dark Heresy, a pinch of GORE, maybe even a dash of Palladium...

Anyway, I'm thinking of eight or nine broad classes that determine what Jobs (professions) you can enter and what activities benefit from an experience bonus.

Jobs determine what skills and Talents/Feats/Perks (whatever) one has acces too, and increase in 'Job Rank', which opens up new character advances (skills, attributes, abilites, so on).

So here's a quick sekeleton I've put together;

Fighter 'Man at Arms'
  • Boomer (Combat 'Borg; Robocop, Briareos Hecatonchires)
  • Samsonite (Augmented Soldier; performance enhancing drugs, organs, prosthetics)
  • Powered Trooper (Powered Armor operator)
  • Land Warrior (generalist warrior)
  • Armored Crew (armored vehicle crewman; tanks, APCs, IFVs, walkers)
  • Flyboy (combat aviator)
  • Scout (wilderness path finding, tracking, survival, light infantry)
  • Assassin (infiltrate, kill, exfiltrate)

Skilled Support, tech 'Technical Specialist'
  • Field Medic (healer, paramedic)
  • Tech-Spec (item repair and item craft)
  • Hacker (opens doors, gets the info, spoofs sensors, etc)
  • Drone Rigger (gathers intel, fun with remotely controlled robots)
  • Scavenger (jury rigger and forager)
  • City Rat? Ganger? (not sure where I'm going with this idea, streetwise maybe)

Skilled Support, expert 'Academic Expert'
  • Field Scientist (smart guy, TONS of skills)
  • Field Surgeon (medical doctor, sometimes, you need one)
  • Field Researcher (three words; research, monster lore, weakness)
  • Genius Spark (mad scientist! makes gadgets that shouldn't work, but do)

Charisma/Persuasion 'Negotiator'
  • Face Man (confidence trickster)
  • Diplomat (negotiator)
  • Spy (secret agent man)
  • Fixer (Mr. Connections)
  • Entertainer (traveling performer)

Mystical Support 'Mystics'
  • Mystic (dabbler in Magyck and ESP)
  • Summoner (Evocation Mage; summon and bind)
  • Lesser Talent (minor ESPer; more skills fewer powers)
  • Greater Talent (major ESPer; fewer skills, more powers)
  • Sorcerer (Invoker of Alien Gods)
  • Enchanter (Enchantment Mage; buff, debuff, control)
  • Cleric (Invoker of the Gods of Men)

Fighter/Tech 'Military Speicialist'
  • Special Forces (skilled warrior and leader of men)
  • Combat Hacker (warrior with electronic war capability)
  • Military Engineer (construct or tear down defenses)
  • Field Armorer (warrior jury-rigger)
  • Road Warrior (wheel-man, speed-demon, transporter)
  • Tek Paladin (power trooper with scavenging, jury rigging and science!)

Fighter/Mystic 'ParaSwords'
  • Psi Knight (not a jedi)
  • Spell Sword (classic fighter-mage)
  • Spell 'Slinger (battle-mage)
  • Warrior Nun (fighter-cleric, female)
  • Battle Brother (fighter-cleric, male)

Fighter/Persuasion 'setting appropriate name here'
  • Smuggler (Han Solo, Jack Burton)
  • Six String Samurai (Bard; with a sword, and a steel guitar)
  • Black Operative (James Bond; wetworks, sabotage, high action, plausible deniability )

Mystic/Tech 'MagiTech'
  • Techno-Mage (Mad Spark inventor-mage)
  • Alchymist (transmuter of matter)
  • Churigeon (bio-wizardry)
  • Meta-Physician (scientist-mage researcher)
  • PsychoScientist (psi-scientist)
  • Psi-Comp. (psychic hacker)