08 June 2009

Farewell Ironsides

I'm currently playing in two weekly RP groups. Lucky me huh? Anyway, one of them is Rifts. I know, the system is broken and Siembieda couldn't edit or lay-out a small town phone book; but when the group is right it can be awesome.

Anyway, this Rifts group is just such an awesome group to game with, especially since the GM moves the story along and doesn't shoot down the players when they try to get creative, and has enough self confidence to make a snap ruling and run with it. In other words, a damn fine GM.

My 5th level Aberrant Cyber-Knight/Asshole finally bought the farm this past weekend. In a tragic blue on blue incident Sir Havel Ironsides was shot down as he single-handedly fought a higher level blackguard Cyber-Knight to a virtual stand still (while the rest of the pary delt with his equally vile but less powerful minions). It was Epic, it was Fail, it was Epic Fail.

Granted all it would have taken was a bad roll for Ironsides to have been cut down where he stood, but that would have been much more satisfying than friendly fire having the right of way.

It was, however, abosolutely HILARIOUS. Great fun was had by all and I'm looking foward to bringing a new character into the (dis)functional party of misfits that has been rocking the post-holocaust.

Farewell Ironsides, this one's for you.