13 May 2009

Wooly Haired Speculation

We always believe ourselves to be good, and doing the right thing can mean doing the unspeakable to achieve that right thing. Even if the ‘right’ thing isn’t, and we really know it isn’t. As long as we can convince ourselves it is then we feel good, and we all want to feel good. So we lie to ourselves, and let others lie to us. It is easier that way. We remember those who refuse to let others define their good as heroes and villains, but we remember them.

Only when the good we are fighting to achieve is actually good, can we be righteous, but how to know? No one said life would be easy. You can’t know, that’s the kicker, because there is no impartial observer, because there is no absolute standard in a constantly changing world (and it is), you have to do your best, and hope for the best. The vikings knew this as the ultimate doom that befalls even the gods, and found glory in doing anyway. The existentialists know this as the ultimate farce mocking our meaningless existence, and find an excuse to do nothing. I know which I prefer, where's my axe?