18 May 2009

Shadow Gates: North America pt.1

Let us begin looking at the overall picture on Shadow Gates Earth by starting with the area I'm most comfortable with; namely North America.

Overview: Little remains of the ancient cites of Man. First came the orbital bombardment of the Joachites, who took savage pleasure in literally stoning the traditional capitol of the Empire with asteroids plucked from solar orbit. They sought to slay the 'whore Babylon' and nearly succeeded. The valiant ships of Battlefleet Hortius finally drove the Joachites away from sacred Terra, but incredible damage was done. It was a short time later that the inconstant stars began their change that lead to the Fall of Man, indeed today many conflate the two events, and look askance on those 'Angels' from orbit. Some blame all those from the black and others hold that the fleets should have done more. The way the 'spacer dogs' have held back from assisting the 'earthworms' after the cataclysim hasn't helped. An objective observer would note that the Cataclysm has been bad enough for the orbital communities, indeed worse in some ways (there's no self generating atmo in space) but few have the perspective to be charitble.

The sea levels have risen, not surprising given the rising of so many new island contenents thought lost forever. Coastal areas suffered greatly from tsunamis, hurricanes, typhons, earthquakes, and other, more terrible things. The area once called California has split off from the mainland making an enlongated island called Kali, both as a corruption of the ancient name and in fear of the thing that lives there. On the eastern seaboard rises an evil megalithic city, the center of Xothian prescence on the Continent, a terrible tributary to the mistress of Atlantis.

Between the coasts two powers contend. The Confederated States of America (neither a confederation, nor composed of states, nor particularly American) is centered on the Mississippi river valley, while the Cheyenne Kommand is ruled from the great Command Vault One of Colorado. Both feudal kingdoms vie for influence in the Lone Star Republic. Everyone fears raiders from the Horselords of the NeoSioux. The Saints of New Deseret rule a desert theocracy from the Great Salt Lake, and the Free City of Lost Vegas is a hive of scum and villany with few peers. And in the verdant rainforrests of the Pacific North West lies the shining Kingdom of Mountain Vale, a place of magics and mystery, dedicated to the Elder Gods of Man. Two stable gates link this tolerant community to the Kingdom of New Avalon in distant Britannia and to a fantastic world of Elves, Dwarves, Yrrch, and even stranger things.

To the South lie the bloody pyramid kingdoms of the Aztekia, dedicated to the Flayed One. Travel is ill advised if one values his skin. To the North lie the frozen lands, colds things claim this land as theirs, resisted only by the Mounted Ones.

...more to come.