19 May 2009

Quick Image Roundup

Confed Propaganda

Public Art, Service Announcement, Propaganda.

All are one within the Confed. Vakis and City dwellers are admonished that starvation is a bad harvest away, and there is no room for shirkers or malingerers.

Freeholders are taught that they are pride of the Confed and better than Vaki scum.

Land-lords are encouraged to spur their properties to increased production and efficiency, and to keep their military retainers fully trained and equipped.

Everyone is constantly reminded that the lands outside the Confed are wild, untamed, and dangerous. Full of nebulous evil monsters. Humanity against a world gone mad!


Chiopolis is an island of advanced technology in a post-apocalyptic world.

A cyberpunk sprawl of high rise tenaments surrounding a cyclopean armored acrology where the rich and pwerfull direct plans within plans.

In the canyons of plasteel, admantine, and rocrete it is always twilight and raining.


D-Town is an industrial dieselpunk city, but also the capitol of the largest single Human State on the North American continent. It is a study in contrasts; dirty smoke belching coal fired factories and sweeping parks, avenues and epic statuary and architecture.

The people of the city are proud of the world they have built, and confident that with the guidance of the Emperor, there's nothing an Iowan can't do.

The City is relatively clean, and of new construction because in large parts it is a new creation, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the ruined old world.

Provisional Republic of Iowa

The greatest economic fact of North America

Stitching together the Confederacy with plasteel rails and adamantine armour

Federation of Sorcery

Rumors abound that the inhuman princes and lord-mages of the Ohio river Valley have banded together...

Confederate Army

Advanced elements of the First Armored Grenadiers scout outside of the ruins of Little Rock.

Seen here with a Mk IV 'ironfist' half track mounting a 'ma-deuce' pattern phased plasma machine gun.

A Confed Strider-jock strikes a pose for the camera. Humanity's Champion.

The hidden, hardened bunkers that house the General Products emergency assembly plants are just coming on line. Already General Mills breads and cereals are dominating department store sales all over the Confederacy and beyond.

General Dynamics tanks, aircraft, and even space-craft are still in testing.