13 May 2009

Old Journal Entries Recycled #1

Many thanks to [info]akin for spreading this meme. If you ever wanted to know the manliest firearms, refer to this list. I own 3. Hmmm, I need more guns.

Actually I would quibble a bit with #5, for that position, and that weapon type, I would say that either the Single Action Army or .455 Webley were used by more warriors in war, and thus are more manly. The Webley even had a bayonet attachment during WWI!

However this is a mere quibble on my part, and not to be taken as a disagreement with the list overall. It has the Doc_Savage Stamp of Approval.

What the hell, after following links and doing the fact finding for you, my readers, the website to which you will travel to view the above list, Arthur's Viking Hall is also Approved by Doc_Savage.


I'm Doc_Savage, and I approved this message.