13 May 2009

New Ranger Rifle goes to war

75th Rangers will take SCAR to war

By Matthew Cox - Staff writer
Posted : Tuesday May 12, 2009 11:01:33 EDT

About 600 members of the 75th Ranger Regiment will soon take the Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle into battle.

The 600 SCARs are the first of 1,800 that U.S. Special Operations Command began fielding in early April, SOCom spokeswoman Air Force Maj. Denise Boyd told Army Times.

SOCom chose the SCAR system — which consists of the 5.56mm MK16 and the 7.62mm MK17 — to replace weapons including the 5.56mm M4A1 carbine, made by Colt Defense LLC.

Having had to repair M4s and M4A1s that literally shot themselves to pieces I can only say this is a good thing. The direct gas impingment system of the M16 family was never intended for short barrels, and the increase in operating temperature and pressure plays merry hob on the upper reciever and bolt and bolt carrier group. In sustained fire they just eat themselves up. It is too bad that there doesn't seem to be any US designs on par with either FN or H&K.