12 May 2009

Campain Notes pt. I

Working on a new Basic Role-playing Campaign. Take Rifts, Fallout, Twilight, Cyberpunk, Oswald Spengler, and Call of Cthulhu and put them in a blender. The objective is twofold, firstly create a campaign setting that makes use of the entire BRP book. Second, create a replacement for that Rifts itch that must be scratched at odd intervals until the incoherence of Simbieda's system puts me into screaming fits.

Here's a glimpse of the future.

2061-2080 Year of the Old God.
459-440 Before the Fall
The Final World War and the foundation of the Ecumenical Empire; Russia, China, and the Caliphate, each in turn, defeated and absorbed into the North American Free Trade Alliance. General of the Army Jessica Clinton Windsor Yamato in one person unites the Presidencies of the North American Republic and European Union, the Thrones of Great Britain and Japan, and Supreme Commander NATO.

After defeating her only competitor in bloody civil war, she declares herself AUGUSTINA I; President for life, Lord General of the Armies, Marshall of the Righteous, Grand Admiral of Seas and Stars, Defender of the Faith, Hammer of the Moors, by Grace of God Queen of Britain, France, Ireland, and Japan, EMPRESS of the Ecumenical Empire (World-State).

Golden Age of Technology
-Polyhedral Electro-Magnetic Inertial Confinement by Potential Well Fusion (Polywell)
-Highly advanced materials (exotic composites)
-Grand Unified Theory under the Burkhard Heim framework (Heim Theory)
  • Anti Grav
  • Faster than Light travel (pseudo velocity through gravitic space warp)
-Effective Nanotechnology
-Genetic Engineering
-Neural-Machine interface
-Extremely High Energy density storage (Ultracaps)
-Broadcast power
-Solar System and High Orbit settled and developed
-Extra-Solar colonies founded.

The Decline
-Capitol Moved to Iskander IV in the more vibrant Galactic East, renamed Mundopolis Konstantin by Mad Emperor Konstantinian VI
-Seemingly endless Civil Wars and Alien Invasions of Imperial territory.
-Terra, the Solar System, and the Galactic West, now a drain on Imperial resources, is left to fend for itself as a separate Western Empire.
- Joachite Rebellion. Vast fleets fight and die between the stars and entire worlds die in nuclear fire. Even remote Terra itself is wounded in the fight. In the end the Joachites are put down, but the Imperium is mortally wounded. Terra and the Sol System loose all contact with the wider Empire.



‘The stars come right again’ and the Milky Way Galaxy once again is a place of Eldritch Energies. Things that lay dormant or imprisoned are released and energized by the cosmic realignment. On Earth the Gates, long shut or dormant open at long last and the ancient ones walk again upon the land. The seas boil, lands rise and sink beneath waves. Humanity is reduced to a tenth of a tenth, and is now and endangered species.


105 After the Fall


Man struggles to rebuild amongst the ruins and in the shadow of terrible powers. Hope springs eternal for new heroes to arise and retake the cradle of man.